International travelers visit historic landmarks of Shusha

As part of the visit to Azerbaijan’s Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur regions, international travelers from the world-famous "NomadMania" travel club visited the city of Shusha and Aghdam.

The delegation from 26 countries (U.S., Canada, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, Finland, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Singapore, Australia, etc.) included about 50 famous travelers.

The foreign travelers familiarized themselves with the historic sites and picturesque nature of the city.

The visitors first viewed the shot monuments of Azerbaijan’s prominent art personalities such as Khurshidbanu Natavan, Bulbul and Uzeyir Hajibayli at the Central Square of Shusha.

The travelers were briefed about the history of the city, the city’s state under almost 30-year old Armenian occupation, as well as the restoration process carried out here. They also got acquainted with the house of Khurshidbanu Natavan, the “Khan gizi” spring as well as the Walls of Shusha Fortress.

The trip was of great importance in terms of promoting Azerbaijani liberated territories as part of black tourism.

Over the past two years, the large delegations of the major international travel networks such as ETIC, MTP, TCC, NomadMania and the Turkish Travel Club have visited Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur eight times.

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