The Reaction of the Ombudsman to the fact of the discovery of a mass grave in the liberated Khojali district of Azerbaijan

As a result of Armenia's prolonged occupation, genocide, deportation, and terror policy against Azerbaijan, thousands of our compatriots have been killed in the context of ethnic and religious hatred, taken captive, or gone missing.

After the liberation of our lands from occupation, mass graves have been discovered in Saryjaly village in the Aghdam district, Dashalti village in the Shusha district, Edilli village in the Khojavend district, Farrukh village in the Khojaly district, Yukhari Seyidahmadli village in the Fuzuli district, as well as in Kalbajar and other residential areas.

The discovery of another mass grave in the territory of the Askeran settlement in the Khojaly district, likely containing the remains of the residents killed during the Khojaly genocide, confirms once again that Armenia committed genocide against Azerbaijan, the most heinous crime against humanity.

Despite multiple appeals to international organizations regarding the genocidal crimes committed by Armenia, the legal evaluation of these genocidal facts at the international level has not yet been made, and persons responsible for numerous crimes remain outside of accountability.

International organizations should stop the indifference and double standards shown towards Azerbaijan, legally evaluate crimes that result in mass and severe violations of human rights and freedoms, and those responsible for the commission of these crimes should be held accountable.


Sabina Aliyeva

The Commissioner for Human Rights 

of the Republic of Azerbaijan 



09 February 2024

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